Saturday, December 1, 2012

Zabrisky Point Sunrise

Zabrisky Pinot Sunrise

When my alarm went off this morning I didn't need to check with my clock and I knew it was fairly early. I remembered Mike and I had talked about going to watch sunrise at Zabrisky Point last night.

When we arrived I surprisingly find the parking lot was already half full. I could not believe there were so many people welling to get up early for sunrise. I wondered who these people were. Were they photography fanatics like us ?

It was about 6:15am. The sun had't reached to the edge of Zabrisky Point yet. The sky on the westside was in beautiful soft pink and blue colors. The rocky hills were still in black silhouettes.

On the top of vista view point there were a group of 20 people. Some of them were standing next to their triples. Some of them were holding the cameras and sitting on the ground. Some of them were simply staring at the sunrise direction without cameras. It was so quiet. We could only hear the click sounds of camera shutters.

While I was moving alongside of people trying to find a good spot for taking sunrise pictures I was listening to those shutter click sounds. When I heard a familiar mechanical shutter be clicked I knew it was coming from a film camera. My heart warmed up. I remembered I was standing at this same place 12 years ago holding the same film camera and waiting for the sunrise.

The sun started to rise higher and higher. The clicking shutter sounds were getter more frequent. The valley slowly lightened up . I didn't remember if the sunrise I saw 12 years ago was the same as today's. But the views on the Zabrisky Point were the same.

I put my camera down and moved away from people. I didn't need to take another sunrise picture. But I took a picture with those passionate sunrise watchers in it. I wanted to remember this moment which would never be the same 12 years later.

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